Hello, my name is Bruce. I am 26 years old, and I live in Tucson, Arizona.

How I got into generative art.

I started programming around when Apple's iPod Touch was first released. Something about the beautiful graphics on the touch screen captivated me. Around the age of 12 I learned how to code simple iPhone apps by learning from tutorials on YouTube.

Over time, I realized that I didn't really like software development in the traditional sense; I didn't like testing and making algorithms where I couldn't directly see the results. But I still loved coding.

I decided I'd try coding exactly how I wanted to code -- creatively; to explore patterns and try to visualize them. At the time it didn't seem useful. It was just an itch I was scratching. I kept posting my outputs on instagram daily, and over the years, momentum picked up. Not just for me, but for Generative Art overall.

I graduated in 2021 from Pima Community College with an Associate of Science. What I learned went hand in hand with creative coding. Not only is programming itself an art, it is an excellent learning tool for visualizing math and physics concepts.

My designs are mostly inspired by a combination of nature, physics, and geometry. Specifically I try to model things like trees and fluids, and also visualize abstract/numerical things like parametric curves, fractals, patterns in general, and digital data.

The best times of discovery are in the creative tangents; when the code doesn't run as expected.

And then there are the rare moments when the code does run as expected.

The useful thing about programming is the ability to make 10,000 brush strokes occur in one second. The beautiful thing about programming is that there is vast room for unknown behavior.

Some of my other favorite passtimes are skateboarding/longboarding and gardening. To me, skateboarding is all about accomplishing goals, putting mind over matter, and experiencing the geometry of the ground through motion. It's also a great way to get excersise and meet new people.

Below is a general overview of my artwork ranging from 2018 to now.